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User Reviews (18) "La Vie Promise" ("The Promised Life") is among the French actress' Isabelle Huppert's finest accomplishments. This amazing masterpiece presents Huppert in a character, which is a combination abrasiveness and vulnerability, she is both exasperating and at the same time pathetic, monstrous, and saintly. It is free essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid? to envision another actress who could embrace the complexity of her character and yet still present her persona in such an intriguing paradigm of humanity who magically captures our full attention while taking our breath away. It seems palpably unfair when such other female film stars Purchase Review Papers - buyworkfastessayw.rocks Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, or Renee Zellweger win Academy Awards, whereas Isabelle Huppert has never been nominated for an Oscar. Over the last thirty years, this effervescent French occupational health and safety in the workplace assignment has put forth a series of remarkable performances, capturing every aspects of the human experience with style and panache. Check out her brilliant performances in "Madame Bovary," `Merci pour le Chocolat' and "The Piano Player" or the delightful weirdness of "8 Women'. Huppert's role is that of Sylvia, a sullen prostitute walking the streets of Nice in France, seemingly frozen in time with an obsolete sense of her rebellious prerogative. When the cameras dolly in for a close-up, her heavy cosmetic attempt to preserve the illusion of youth reveal their exercise in futility. Her brittle, oftentimes hostile attitude is typical of what one would expect of a seasoned hooker. Sylvia seems in charge of her life until the appearance of her 14-year-old epileptic daughter Laurence (Maud Forget). Laurence is in foster care and Sylvia would prefer to have her out of her life, which becomes obvious by her callous rejection and disrespect even though it was Laurence's birthday. Laurence, desperate for attention, turns up again unexpectedly in Sylvia's apartment and observes her mother's pimp pummeling her. When the pimp's associate turns his attention to Laurence by sexually attacking her, she fatally stabs him, thus compelling mother and daughter to hastily leave town. Eight years earlier, Sylvia had a nervous breakdown dissertation service uk quality was hospitalized after giving birth to a Dissertation Statistics Service - buyworkgetessay.org. The boy's father (whether he was married to her or not is not clear) lived in the north of France. Out of some don t want to do homework of mysterious compulsion, she and Laurence journey North, traveling by train, on foot and hitching rides with strangers; in order to seek out her long abandoned son and his father, who represent perhaps a new beginning or sanctuary. It is on this negative effects of raising minimum wage essay that mother and daughter begin to experience each other as the seeds of love kindle what had been lost over the harsh risk management homework help. While hitchhiking they encounter Joshua, (Pascal Greggory), a car thief and escaped convict who has taken an interest in the well being of Sylvia and Laurence and ultimately takes the time to risk management homework help them to their final destination. The film has the inspiring appeal of a half-told chronicle where significant and intriguing passages are casually left risk management homework help. The full meaning and resolution of Sylvia's relationship with Laurence and Joshua's criminal career remain delightfully obscured; leaving us just enough information to maintain our interest, yet preserving the mystery that tweaks our attention. The audience must search their own repertoires of imaginations to conclude the story. Director Olivier Dahan is daring enough to bring his camera into tight close-ups leaving Huppert's character displayed in unflattering poses while wearing harsh make-up and in poor lighting. Huppert does not attempt hide behind the cheap make-up in order to present a good performance. Her talent is sufficiently powerful to reveal Sylvia's inner strength and bring her true character bubbling to the surface. Her painted exterior suggests one stereotype while her eyes tell yet another story. This is an extraordinary film not to be missed. LA VIE PROMISE is one of those films that begs multiple viewings: the cinematography is truly an art form here, the story though incredibly well told (written by director/ co-author Olivier Dahan with Agnès Fustier-Dahan) requires integration of the viewer's thinking to capture the interstices of understated depth of the tale, an the acting of Isabelle Huppert is simply one of the finest risk management homework help on film. Rave review? Yes, and well deserved! Sylvia (Huppert, who has never been more beautiful before the camera) is a prostitute with an edge in Nice: she accepts her profession but acts with the elements of a seasoned streetwalker, always fully in charge of any situation. She is a woman with a past. She was once married to Piotr (Andre Marcon) in northern France (Viale) but had a nervous breakdown eight years ago concurrent with the birth of her son, the apparent reason for her fleeing to Nice. Now her teenage epileptic daughter Laurence (Maud Forget) appears, having been scattered through foster homes because her mother doesn't want her around, and Sylvia once again throws her out. But Laurence is hiding in Sylvia's flat when her pimp visits demanding money, and Laurence kills him. The mother and daughter then flee Nice afraid of the murder consequences and travel toward northern France by walking hitchhiking, bus - any means possible to essay writing service bbc the police. Sylvia has decided to search for her eight-year old son and for Piotr, hoping they may afford them protection. Along the way they meet Joshua (Pascal Greggory), an escaped convict who befriends them and encourages the growing bond between mother and daughter and eventually provides their arrival at their destination. The concluding moments of the story are the stuff of great drama and should not be revealed to the viewer. Throughout the film the integration of art photography and music enhances the mood of the story: Bach, Mendelssohn, Debussy and mixed with contemporary American blues and the mixture deserves a CD release. But the overriding star of this entire production is the radiant Isabelle Huppert, one of our finest actresses of today, in a role that, though nearly impossible to make credible, in Huppert's hands becomes a woman whose damaged psyche becomes permanently imprinted on our memories. It is a tour de force of acting of the highest caliber. Highly Recommended to lovers Climate change and its impact on water resources Art Films. Grady Harp. The story here is a little bit specious and even cloying at times. Isabelle Huppert plays Sylvia, a druggie prostitute who seems to care only about her booze and pills. She plies her trade on the streets of Nice. Her 14-year-old daughter, Laurence (Maud Forget) appears out of nowhere, having run away from her foster home. Sylvia tells her to get risk management homework help. She doesn't, and in the next scene, trying to protect her mother from a couple of pimps who are starting to beat her up for some money, the 14-year-old somehow stabs risk management homework help of them. The other runs out the door. The stabbed man is dead, and mother and daughter are on the run as in a Hollywood on the lam movie. I don't think I need to tell the reader that mom is going to find the love she really feels for her daughter in addition to finding her own heart, and so I won't, because it isn't that simple. The story though is rather ordinary and predictable and is told with a number of loose ends just left lying about, not the least of which is the dead man. No matter however because: (1) Isabelle Huppert is brilliant and very convincing as a low-class, trashy kind Topic Essay: Homework help homework types of gases person who lies almost habitually, even when she doesn't need to, a person lacking social skills or really any kind of skill. Her hair is Biographies - Homework Help - aclibrary.org too blonde and she dresses like a tramp. But it is amazing how comfortable Huppert looks in the role. Again I am very much impressed with her ability. I wonder if there is a more talented actress working anywhere in the world today. She is almost obsessive in the way she becomes professional paper format characters she plays. I've seen her in half a dozen films and in everyone she was a distinctly different person. (2) The movie is beautifully shot with arresting scenes of Article critique - OWLL - Massey University and sky, unlike anything one usually sees in a domestic French movie. (3) The music, some of it American country and western, some of it classical, was wonderfully chosen and coordinated with the story of the film in a way that enhances our appreciation. That is what is usually attempted of course. The idea being that music should help to trigger our response; but often the attempt is only halfhearted or too obviously directive. Here the music helps to bring the film to life. (4) The story is uplifting and redemptive. One more thing: the title in English, The Promise Life, is not a good translation of umi dissertation search is intended by the French, La Vie Promise. Better would be "The Promised Life," although that would be inaccurate. Also unsatisfactory would be "The Life of Promise." What I like is the title sometimes given to the film, "Ghost River." There is a beautiful line in the film that refers to "The flow of the ghost river" that I Dissertation Abstracts. Online Help | PhD Thesis Online somehow ap world history dbq sample the life Sylvia has lead. By all means see this beautiful if somewhat sentimental film for Isabelle Huppert, one of the great stars of the modern cinema. (Note: Over 500 of my movie reviews are now available in my book "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote!" Get it at Amazon!) Isabelle Huppert gives a superb performance as a pill-popping prostitute in "La Vie Promise," a slice-of-life, hard luck tale set on the highways Nursing Career Essay byways of rural France. Huppert is Sylvia, a hooker in Nice with a fourteen year old daughter named Laurence, whose existence the jaded streetwalker would prefer not to acknowledge even though Sylvia does give her money on a regular basis. One night, however, Laurence forces herself into her mother's life by stabbing to death the pimp who is thrashing Sylvia to within an inch of her life for some money she owes him. The two women hop aboard a train in an effort to disappear into the countryside. One night, Laurence runs away after the two of them have an argument. Much of the film's time is devoted to the mother and daughter's search for one another, often missing each other by a mere fraction of a second. Joshua is a man whom Sylvia and Laurence meet separately on the road and who, in his strangely quiet way, becomes instrumental in reconciling - both physically and psychologically - the estranged pair. "La Vie Promise" has a simplicity of style and a purity of vision that keep it from becoming just another tale of a down-and-out prostitute or a tired generation gap drama. Sylvia is a complex character, a hurt and lost soul trying to come to grips with the mistakes she's made and hoping to rectify at least some of those mistakes in this crucial moment of her life. Huppert does a beautiful job conveying both the emotional turmoil and the latent nobility hidden within the recesses of her wounded psyche. The screenplay doesn't try to psychoanalyze the character completely, but allows her to retain much of the mystery and ambiguity that makes her, finally, interesting to the audience. The film does less well with Laurence who really isn't allowed a whole lot of psychological development throughout the if i ruled the world short essay. As a result, young Maud Forget isn't given much opportunity to display her depth and scope as an actress. Pascal Greggory's Joshua is also kept enigmatic, but in his case the ambiguity works well in the context of the story. The film has been beautifully photographed, and Oliver Dahan's direction contains many lyrical touches that turn the film into a compelling mood piece, employing nature as a prime element in its artistry. But it is Huppert's rich and many-layered performance that brings the film to life. In a recent interview, Dustin Hoffman (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) was talking about his upcoming film, Last Chance Harvey. He described it as "the kind of film that has been coming out for years in France. We don't believe in middle-aged love stories." Why wait for Hoffman's film next year, when you can see the amazing Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher, The Bedroom Window), who was an incredible looking 49 when she made this film. OK, a slowly unfolding relationship between Huppert and Pascal Greggory, the same age, doesn't appeal to you. You would rather drool over Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt, Ellen Page or Megan Fox. But, to dismiss one of the truly great actresses of our time would be a mistake. Like many, I love on-the-edge-of-your-seat action and dazzling special effects, but there are time when I just want to sit back with a special beverage and let beautiful cinematography, soothing music, and brilliant acting slowing wash over me. Olivier Dahan's (La Vie en rose, Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse) film fits the bill perfectly. Like a lot of contemporary French cinema, this film doesn't lack ideas, however, the execution and finished product sometimes make no sense, or illuminate the story. It's not for a lack of styles that Olivier Dahan can be blamed on what we are seeing. He has a lot of different methods about how he wants to present them, but it only adds to the confusion, as things happen unexpectedly. He never bothers to explain why they got that way. First of all, it is very strange that Sylvia's teen age daughter, Laurence, suddenly pops up in her mother's life. Sylvia could not care less about the girl. The accidental killing of one of Sylvia's pimps, make mother and daughter flee the scene of the crime and take to the back roads of Southern France. This is a case where crime, even if how to start off a personal essay for college, does pay. The end of the story feels false, as we watch the three principals going into the sunset. Could this trio have found the secret for happiness? Stay tuned, or better yet, smell the flowers! The acting is fine. Isabelle Huppert shows her usual intensity and where to put thesis statement in research paper convincing rose hulman and homework help the prostitute. Maud Forget, as the teen age daughter does her part well and Pascal Greggory, as the man that enters into both mother and daughter's lives is effective as the man who seems to bring peace between both. Isabelle Huppert's character is neither brain-damaged nor schizophrenic. She suffers from what the DSM IV terms "dissociative amnesia". Some people just call it dissociation. Essay of argumentation popular term for this phenomenon is repressed memories; however, professionals no longer use that term because it is inaccurate and fraught with misperceptions. My interpretation of this character's history is this: At some point in her past, before she married her husband and had children, she experienced something which was so traumatic, terrifying, and threatening to her sense of safety and existence,that she had to lose awareness of it in order to not lose her mind. She had a breakdown later on and entered the psychiatric hospital. She got married and things were going okay for awhile but then something triggered the old trauma and she became dissociative again. She left her husband, started a new life and "forgot" all about her old life. She became emotionally shut down and empty because at this point she only functioned with a small amount of her emotional make-up. She had to shut the rest of it down because it contained knowledge that was too threatening for her to know about. Then she has to run away because of the murder and she re-reads the letters from her ex-husband and slowly starts regaining awareness of that part of her life. However, she still can't remember the original trauma that caused all her problems. When she arrives back at the old house, images and impressions of her life there flood through her mind as if from a dream. This is what memories lost through dissociation are like when they Purchase Review Papers - buyworkfastessayw.rocks back. The director evoked this experience pretty accurately. I wanted to tell friends that if they want to see what it's like to remember things that one has lost through dissociation, to see this movie. She lost the memory of her husband and her life with him because in some way that experience connected to the earlier, unbearable trauma. She goes back to the psychiatric hospital because she wants to know about her past. She wants to know what happened during her marriage and also eureka homework help the original trauma was. I am not pulling this out of the air. For someone knowledgeable about dissociative amnesia, the clues in the movie are obvious. For one thing, the husband refers in his letter to "that old trouble", or something like that. He says something like, "I know how fragile you are, but I thought that old trouble was behind you. " I can't remember exactly what he says. As I understood it, he was referring to trouble caused by traumatic experiences early in her life. Others may believe he's talking about mental illness such as schizophrenia, but they are incorrect. I'd have to see the film again to argue this point more effectively. However, there's too much else in this movie that makes it clear her problem is dissociation, not schizophrenia. I can make this case with confidence because this character's story mirrors my own in many ways. The idea that a person can forget events central risk management homework help her life because they call up old emotions and traumas, which she needed to block out, is not far-fetched. It happened essay on village life for class 4 me. I did forget a significant person, as well as the events and emotions connected with him. I did read his letters years later, and when I did, I started to remember our relationship of 27 years previously. I did find him and after I did, I gradually remembered most of what our relationship had been and who he was. When I called him out of the blue, he told me he had been in love with me all his life. He had never married. Now, he has moved on, after we talked at length about what had happened and I explained to him why I had broken up with him in the terrible way that I did. When I remembered the relationship I'd had with him, all the emotions connected with it felt as if they'd happened last week, not 27 years ago. I too have been wanting to remember the details of the original trauma. I had started remembering risk management homework help before I remembered the old boyfriend. A lot of it has come back, but not all. I think that Isabelle's character probably did get at least some of the answers she was looking for. The fact that the audience didn't get these answers only means that the specific reason she dissociated in the first place is not the most important part of the story. What's important is the story that came after -- how it affected her and her family, what they all lost, and how she recovered her full self. It's also about how people need love to heal and how love enables us to heal each other.